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M109r 21" Front fender Brackets The Lower Unit Brake Bracket (Kawasaki VN900) Sumo Billet Torque Arm Honda Fury
Kit includes the extra bolts needed for install. Use of stock fender bolts is also required.
The Lower Unittm Brake Bracket for the Kawasaki VN900 Vulcan.
This unit rotates your rear caliper below the center on the axel for a cleaner look on your VN900!
Fury Billet Torque Arm.
This is a replacement part to allow the use of the fat tires on the honda fury.
This part can also be used without the fat tires but is required for the 240 to 260 rear tire sizes.
Standard finish is polished aluminum, Chrome availible
Rotor Adaptor Avon cobra chrome 120/70-21 bias Longshot Front Fender
Rotor Adaptor
List Price: $159.00
Our Price: $159.00
Avon 71 Cobra 120 21" Front Tire
List Price: $208.26
Our Price: $182.95
Sale Price: $185.39
You save $25.31!
Longshot Front Fender
List Price $199.00
Use this adapter with Sumo-X wheels designed for the 1300 with stock rotor, not necessary on 1300 cast wheels but still can be used in that application. This is a must for 1300 spoke models if you want to use your stock rotor. Avon 71 Cobra Chrome Front tire. 120/70-21
Fits on 21 x 3.25 Wheels
Sumo Longshot Fiberglass Front Fury Fender.
Durable hand laid fiberglass construction.
No Rust ever.
Full 180 Degree length
Can easily be custom cut to the customers preferance
Hardware included
Sumo-X Booty Pad Avon 72 Cobra 250mm rear tire Malice Rotor
Sumo-X Booty Pad
Our Price: $230.95
Avon 72 Cobra 250mm rear tire
List Price: $320.00
Our Price: $325.60
Sale Price: $249.00
You save $71.00!
Malice Rotor
List Price $260.00
Also availible with tribal stitching. Avon 72 Cobra rear tire. 250/4-R18
Fits on 18 x 8.5 Sumo Wheels
Fits Malice Sumo-X wheels designed for custom rotor applications
Street Rod Front Rotor Nova Rotor 11.5" Sweeper Custom Rotor
Street Rod Rotor
List Price $260.00
Nova Rotor 11.5"
List Price $260.00
Sweeper Custom Rotor
List Price $260.00
The Sumo-X Street Rod Rotor. Polished 420 Stainless Stainless with a high polished finish CNC Machined Stainless Sweeper rotor, matches the Sumo-X Sweeper Custom wheels
Rebel Rotor Honda VTX Left Side License Bracket Suzuki Left Side Plate Bracket
Rebel Rotor
List Price $260.00
Sumo Custom Rebel rotor, matched to our Rebel wheels Left side concave licence bracket. Includes illumination light. availible in chrome or polished. Left Side Plate Bracket ,Suzuki. Fits all shaft drive Suzuki Cruisers with the same final drive design as the M109.
Availible in Chrome also.
v900 Steel Sumo-X rear fender License Bracket Vertical Fury Rebel Rotor (13')
Rebel Rotor (13')
Our Price: $289.00
This 240 rear fender kit fits Kawasaki V900C The Sumo-Xtm Vertical License Bracket. Super easy install, Chrome finish only. Includes a brake and tail light. t6061 billet aluminum. Rebel Rotor
LongShot 21" m109 fender Fat Fork Covers Fat Fork Covers (Suzuki M109)
The LongShottm  Front fender made just for M109R customers with a 21" front wheel.
Sumo-X Fat Fork Covers for the Honda VTX 1800 (all models) with inverted forks, Sumo-X Fat Fork Covers
Sumo-X Billet Sissy Bar Honda Fury Honda Sumo-X Passenger Backrest Sumo-X Left Side Brake Kit (LSB)
Sissy Bar for Honda Fury (With Sumo-X Fender only) Sumo-x billet sissy bar with back pad. Sumo-X LSB kit, This kit is required in our 280-300mm tire set up and cleans up the right side of your fat Raider very nicely at a reasonable price.
Availible with flamed stitching! Pully, Mimic Kawasaki vulcan 900 Raider Mimic 66th pulley
Sumo Solo Seat Suzuki M109
Our Price: $446.50
Raider Mimic 66th pulley
List Price: $475.00
Our Price: $475.00
The Sumo-x Solo seat is designed for Sumo-x 280 /300mm Fat fenders.
Designed for the Sumo-X Mimic Kawasaki rear wheel.
Does not fit stock wheel
Polished Finish
The Mimic Pulley for the Raider 300 fat kit
Touring 2up Seat Sumo-X Raider Belt Offset Kit. Honda VTX 1300 C 6 degree triple tree set
Touring 2up Seat
List Price: $485.00
Our Price: $485.00
Honda VTX 1300 C 6 degree triple tree set
List Price: $595.00
Our Price: $595.00
Touring 2up Seat Offset Kit required to install a 300mm Sumo-X fat tire kit. Honda VTX 1300 6 over stock triple tree set
Polished billet 6061 aircraft aluminum
Fits All Honda VTX 1300 C and R models (does not accept the R covers)
Fury Re-man swing arm Sumo Fat Tire Fender Straight Cut shorty fender by Sumo-X
Fury Re-man swing arm
List Price $599.00
Shorty Fat Fender
Our Price: $699.50
Shorty Straight Cut Fender
Our Price: $699.50
The Sumo-x re-man Fury Swing arm. (customer arm must be sent in.) Our Honda VTX fat shorty fender. Sumo-X Shorty Straight cut fender
Sumo-X Retro Fender Sumo X-2 Rear Fender Sumo-X Fury Fender
Sumo-X Retro Fender
Our Price: $699.50
Sumo X-2 Rear Fender
Our Price: $699.50
HONDA FURY Sumo Fat Shorty Fender (Straight cut)
List Price: $699.50
Our Price: $699.50
Sumo-X Retro Fender This Rear Fender is for 240mm tire VTX's for the ultimate sleek look. 1/4" Thick composit Fiberglass Construction
Available painted to your bikes color code
Strong enough for passengers. (see oem specs)
HONDA FURY Fat Shorty Fender (V_CUT) Stryker Fat Shorty Rear Fender Shorty 300 Fender Star Raider
Straight Cut Fat Shorty fender for the Honda Fury
Accepts sumo fat tire wheels (8.5 wide for 240, 250 and 260mm tires)
Yamaha Stryker Fat Shorty Fender by Sumo-X Just for the Yamaha Raider with a 300 mm tire on a 10.5" rim.
Comes with polished fender struts.
Fits with factory seats.
Includes Passenger seat bracket.
Passengers are no problem.
Easy bolt-up installation.
Lower Price Than Before! Custom Triple Trees (6 Degree over stock) Nova  Wheel
Fat Shorty Fender M109
Our Price: $749.00
Nova Wheel
List Price $825.00
Suzuki M109 fat rear fender for 280 and 300mm rear tires.
Includes Fender, Billet Aluminum Struts, Frame Covers, and Hardware.
The easiest to install, cleanest looking custom trees for the M109R yet! Nova  Wheel
Available for all models we make
Classic Tribal Wheel
List Price $895.00
Malice Wheel
List Price $895.00
List Price $895.00
The Tribal Wheel, Starting at $895.00 this 3 spoke design is available in polished, chrome, or black powder, two tone. The Malice Wheel, Starting at $895.00 this 6 spoke design is available in polished, chrome, or black powder, two tone. The Rebel Wheel, Starting at $895.00 this design is available in polished, chrome, of black powder, two tone.
Revolt Custom Billet motorcycle wheel Custom Chaos Motorcycle billet wheel Harley, victory, Indian Lucky 7 Front billet aluminum motorcycle Wheel
Revolt Wheel
List Price $895.00
Chaos Wheel
List Price $895.00
Lucky 7 wheel
List Price $895.00
The Revolt Wheel, Starting at $895.00 this 3 spoke design is available in polished, chrome, or black powder, two tone. The Chaos wheel is a 3 spoke design starting at $895.00 and is available in polished, chrome, all black powder coat, and two-tone black powder coat. The Lucky 7 Wheel, Starting at $895.00 this 7 spoke design is available in polished, chrome, or black powder.
Intimidator Front Wheel Super X  Wheel custom motorcycle wheel Sumo-X Sweeper Front Wheel
Intimidator Wheel
List Price $895.00
Super X Wheel
Prices starting at $895.00
Sweeper Wheel
List Price $895.00
Intimidator Front Wheel,
Order to fit all models we offer
21 x 3.25
Super-X wheels, starting at $895.00 Available in polished, chrome, solid black powder, two-tone powder. Sumo-X Sweeper front wheel, Directional design and matching rotors, pulley's available
Harley Front Wheel 240 vtx arm Mimic 1300 Front 21x3.5
Astralis Wheel
List Price $895.00
The Astralis wheel by Sumo-X This price includes a $250 refundable core charge. You must send in your old swing arm. The Mimic 1300 21x3.5 inch Front Wheel. Perfect for over triple trees on any 1300 Honda VTX
VTX Mimic 21 inch front wheel F5 21 inch Front wheel SUZUKI M109 MIMIC FRONT WHEEL
F5 21 inch Front wheel
Our Price: $925.00
Sumo-Xtm 21 inch front Mimictm wheel, fits honda vtx 1800. Polished finish is standard. Chrome optional F5 21 inch front wheel. Made to match the Honda f model VTX The Mimic 21 front M109 wheel.
21" x 3.25" Uses 120/70/21 front tire
STREET ROD  WHEEL Kawasaki Mimic rear wheel for vn900 Kawasaki Mimic rear wheel for vn900
List Price $925.00
Sumo-X Mimic rear wheel
List Price $1,085.00
THIS IS A CNC 3D SURFACED WHEEL HIGH POLISHED WITH CHROME AS AN AVAILIVBLE OPTION Sumo-X Mimic rear wheel for the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 (18 x .5.5) Fits 200 tire. Sumo-X Mimic rear wheel for the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 (18 x 8.5) Fits 240 rear tire in a stock swing arm.
Requires different fender and driven pully.
Mimic 1300 rear wheel Mimic 1800 rear wheel Sumo-X billet aluminum motorcycle wheel
Mimic 1300 rear wheel
Our Price: $1,215.00
Mimic 1800 rear wheel
List Price $1,215.00
F5 Rear Wheel
Our Price: $1,215.00
Billet Forgery, CNC cut, full polished, chrome optional!
Sizes 18x5.5(for 200 tire) 17x6.5 (for 210 tire) 18x8.5 (for 240/250 tire)
Billet Forgery, CNC cut, full polished, chrome optional!
Sizes 18x5.5(for 200 tire) 17x6.5 (for 210 tire) 18x8.5 (for 240/250 tire)
Billet Forgery, CNC cut, full polished
Sizes 18x5.5(for 200 tire) 17x6.5 (for 210 tire) 18x8.5 (for 240/250 tire)
1300 vtx retro Sabre Mimic rear wheel Mimic 18 x 8.5
Sabre Mimic rear wheel
Our Price: $1,220.00
Fury Mimic Rear Wheel 18 x 8.5
List Price: $1,365.00
Our Price: $1,365.00
Sale Price: $1,260.00
You save $105.00!
This is for the late model 1300 RETRO only!
18 x 8.5 for the 240mm rear tire.
Mimic tm  Rear 18 x 8.5 for the 240/250/260 fat tires Available in black w/ red stripe and chrome also!
Fits 240, 250, 260 rear tires
Polished Forged Billet
CNC machined (Some 3-D Profiling)
Suzuki M109 Mimic rear wheels Mimic rear wheel Star Raider custom swing arm. (280/300mm tire)
Mimic Rear Wheel- M109R
Our Price: $1,350.00
Mimic Rear Wheel Yamaha Raider
List Price: $1,379.00
Our Price: $1,379.00
This wheel is a close match to the stock front wheel on the M109R
This allows the use of a 280 rear tire and still have a correct look to the front stock wheel.
The Mimictm  Rear wheel for the Yamaha Raider 300 fat kit. For the guys that don't want to change the front wheel, the Mimic is the way to go. This wheel looks very close to the front wheel. Sumo-X Yamaha Raider custom 280/300 fat tire swing arm.
Sumo Tubular Swing arm
Sumo-X Tubular VTX swing arm
Our Price: $1,449.50
Custom Tubular swing arm for the Honda VTX, all models