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Sumo-X Left Side Brake Kit (LSB) Sumo-X Raider Belt Offset Kit. Stryker Fat Shorty Rear Fender
Sumo-X LSB kit, This kit is required in our 280-300mm tire set up and cleans up the right side of your fat Raider very nicely at a reasonable price. Offset Kit required to install a 300mm Sumo-X fat tire kit. Yamaha Stryker Fat Shorty Fender by Sumo-X
Shorty 300 Fender Star Raider
Just for the Yamaha Raider with a 300 mm tire on a 10.5" rim.
Comes with polished fender struts.
Fits with factory seats.
Includes Passenger seat bracket.
Passengers are no problem.
Easy bolt-up installation.