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Scarab Front Fender, Yamaha Raider v900 Steel Sumo-X rear fender Sumo-X Left Side Brake Kit (LSB)
Scarab Front Fender 21in Yamaha Raider (gel coat) This 240 rear fender kit fits Kawasaki V900C Sumo-X LSB kit, This kit is required in our 280-300mm tire set up and cleans up the right side of your fat Raider very nicely at a reasonable price.
Sumo-X FLH Fatty Fender Sumo-X Raider Belt Offset Kit. Sumo Fat Tire Fender
FLH Fatty rear fender
List Price $499.00
Shorty Fat Fender
Our Price: $699.50
Sumo-X FLH Fatty is a complete new replacement fender for 2009 and up FLH model bikes.
Available with or without tail, brake, signal light kit. (coming soon)
Hardware with extra adjustable lower rear bracing included.
Inner fender liner included. (coming soon)
Extra mounting holes with wiring looms and clips included.
Smooth gel-coat finish, fiberglass composite construction.
Offset Kit required to install a 300mm Sumo-X fat tire kit. Our Honda VTX fat shorty fender.
Straight Cut shorty fender by Sumo-X Sumo-X Retro Fender Sumo X-2 Rear Fender
Shorty Straight Cut Fender
Our Price: $699.50
Sumo-X Retro Fender
Our Price: $699.50
Sumo X-2 Rear Fender
Our Price: $699.50
Sumo-X Shorty Straight cut fender Sumo-X Retro Fender This Rear Fender is for 240mm tire VTX's for the ultimate sleek look.
Neo Fender Sumo-X Fury Fender HONDA FURY Fat Shorty Fender (V_CUT)
Neo Fender
Our Price: $699.50
HONDA FURY Sumo Fat Shorty Fender (Straight cut)
List Price: $699.50
Our Price: $699.50
N Fender, a long street sweeper type! 1/4" Thick composit Fiberglass Construction
Available painted to your bikes color code
Strong enough for passengers. (see oem specs)
Straight Cut Fat Shorty fender for the Honda Fury
Accepts sumo fat tire wheels (8.5 wide for 240, 250 and 260mm tires)
Stryker Fat Shorty Rear Fender Shorty 300 Fender Star Raider Lower Price Than Before!
Fat Shorty Fender M109
Our Price: $749.00
Yamaha Stryker Fat Shorty Fender by Sumo-X Just for the Yamaha Raider with a 300 mm tire on a 10.5" rim.
Comes with polished fender struts.
Fits with factory seats.
Includes Passenger seat bracket.
Passengers are no problem.
Easy bolt-up installation.
Suzuki M109 fat rear fender for 280 and 300mm rear tires.
Includes Fender, Billet Aluminum Struts, Frame Covers, and Hardware.