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Nova  Wheel Tribal  wheel Malice Front Wheel for Harley, indian, victory
Nova Wheel
List Price $825.00
Classic Tribal Wheel
List Price $895.00
Malice Wheel
List Price $895.00
Nova  Wheel
Available for all models we make
The Tribal Wheel, Starting at $895.00 this 3 spoke design is available in polished, chrome, or black powder, two tone. The Malice Wheel, Starting at $895.00 this 6 spoke design is available in polished, chrome, or black powder, two tone.
HARLEY, VICTORY AND INDIAN CUSTOM BILLET FORGED ALUMINUM WHEELS IN CHROME OR BLACK Revolt Custom Billet motorcycle wheel Custom Chaos Motorcycle billet wheel
List Price $895.00
Revolt Wheel
List Price $895.00
Chaos Wheel
List Price $895.00
The Rebel Wheel, Starting at $895.00 this design is available in polished, chrome, of black powder, two tone. The Revolt Wheel, Starting at $895.00 this 3 spoke design is available in polished, chrome, or black powder, two tone. The Chaos wheel is a 3 spoke design starting at $895.00 and is available in polished, chrome, all black powder coat, and two-tone black powder coat.
Harley, victory, Indian Lucky 7 Front billet aluminum motorcycle Wheel Intimidator Front Wheel Super X  Wheel custom motorcycle wheel
Lucky 7 wheel
List Price $895.00
Intimidator Wheel
List Price $895.00
Super X Wheel
Prices starting at $895.00
The Lucky 7 Wheel, Starting at $895.00 this 7 spoke design is available in polished, chrome, or black powder. Intimidator Front Wheel,
Order to fit all models we offer
21 x 3.25
Super-X wheels, starting at $895.00 Available in polished, chrome, solid black powder, two-tone powder.
Sumo-X Sweeper Front Wheel Harley Front Wheel victory Harley Indian Honda m109 fury custom wheels
Sweeper Wheel
List Price $895.00
Astralis Wheel
List Price $895.00
Contender Wheel
Our Price: $895.00
Sumo-X Sweeper front wheel, Directional design and matching rotors, pulley's available The Astralis wheel by Sumo-X Contender Wheel. Simple yet striking when in motion, looks fantastic in the 26"
List Price $925.00
Swept Street Rod 21 x 3.25
List Price $925.00
Detroit 21 x 3.25
Our Price: $925.00
List Price $925.00
THIS IS A CNC 3D SURFACED WHEEL HIGH POLISHED WITH CHROME AS AN AVAILIVBLE OPTION Swept Street Rod Detroit 21 x 3.15in wheel, available in chrome, polished, black re-cuts, and satin or gloss black powder coat.
The Merc wheel by Sumo-X
Vulcan Billet Wheel
Our Price: $925.00
Reno 21 x 3.25 front wheel
Our Price: $925.00
Merc Wheel
List Price: $1,095.00
Our Price: $1,025.00
List Price $1,095.00
You save $70.00!
Vulcan Wheel. Sizes up to 26" Reno front wheel, available in chrome, flat black contrast, gloss black contrast. The MERC wheel, the start of a new line of products from Sumo-X
A blend of billet aluminum and diamond spokes to create a balance never before seen in billet motorcycle wheels. Incredibly elegant and flashy at the same time, you really need to see these moving in the sun to truly appreciate the brilliance of a transparent colored powder coated stainless steel spoke against a billet bike wheel.
Skully 23in wheel
list price $1,195.00
Swept Street Rod 23"
Our Price: $1,200.00
Swept Street Rod 18 x 8.5
List Price $1,220.00
Skully 23in black and re-cut The 23" Swept Street Rod is a forged 3-d surfaced design that you will never get tired of. This design works on any bike with any paint job. 18 x 8.5 forged biller Swept Street Rod 3D surfaced wheel
Contender 26" front
List Price $1,689.00
The Contender 26" front by Sumo-X. Simplified design for those folks that are just tired of crazy.
available in polished, chrome, black, black re-cuts.